Indigenous Employment Policy

Complete Cabling & Construction (CCC) seeks to encourage greater participation of indigenous people in our business.

To achieve this Complete Cabling & Construction will promote increased recruitment of indigenous people, aim to improve retention rates of existing staff members and foster a greater range of professional development opportunities.

The intention of this policy is to support Complete Cabling & Construction to:

  • Increase the number of indigenous staff appointed.
  • Coordinate, oversee, develop & review indigenous employment and retention.
  • Support Complete Cabling & Construction staff to demonstrate culturally competent, aware and responsive conduct.
  • Guide improvements that will achieve staffing levels more representative of the population.
  • Foster culturally aware, safe and competent work place environments.
  • Improve employment, recruitment & marketing strategies and the implementation of retention and professional development strategies.
  • Foster respect for, collaboration with and the empowerment of, indigenous staff members, acknowledging the unique place they hold in Australia’s indigenous peoples.
  • Improve employment, attraction and retention initiatives aimed at supporting the personal and professional development of Indigenous staff at all levels throughout the company.
  • Acknowledge the need to embed Indigenous perspective and knowledge into Complete Cabling & Constructions core business strategies, which support the career paths of Indigenous staff both within and external to the company.