Induction & Training Policy

Complete Cabling & Construction recognises that well trained employees are pivotal to the success of its business operations. In support of this, the Company will ensure that all employees and contractors receive, or have received, an appropriate level of training to enable them to carry out their designated tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

It is also recognised that many of the skills required by Complete Cabling & Construction employees cannot be acquired in a formal classroom environment, and that they are learned by experience, on- the-job training and the transmitted skills of more experienced employees.

Where new equipment is purchased, Complete Cabling & Construction will ensure that proper and adequate training, provided by the supplier of the equipment, or other professionals, is given to all employees who will be involved in the use of that equipment.

Where specialist training is required (management, environmental, safety, etc), recognised industry experts will be used and where possible, accredited, industry recognised certification will be obtained.

Management will ensure that a training needs assessment is conducted, at least annually, to identify future training requirements. In addition, the Company will provide support to any employee who wishes to advance their learning in a field, which is relevant to their position.

This support may include;

  • Leave to attend training courses,
  • Access to work areas and materials,
  • Job rotation to new areas of operation, or
  • Financial assistance with course fees.