Recruitment & Selection Policy

Complete Cabling & Construction is committed to developing a diverse workforce, with the required skill set and competency, to conduct our operations to the highest standard and achieve our Quality, Safety & Operational goals and targets.

To achieve this Complete Cabling & Construction will apply the principles of equity, fairness and transparency to all recruitment, selection & appointment processes.

The intention of this policy is to support Complete Cabling & Construction to:

  • Ensure that we can create, maintain and retain a workforce with the highest possible skill level and competency at all times.
  • Ensure that existing employees are made aware of vacancies, for which the Company is conducting a recruitment process.
  • Attract sufficient applicants for each advertised position, with the skills, qualities, abilities, experience & competencies to ensure that we are able to asses and appoint the most qualified and suitable candidate.
  • Ensure that the advertising & recruitment procedures are clear, valid and consistently applied and that they provide for fair and equitable treatment for those that apply for employment.
  • Conduct all our recruitment & related practices with due regard to privacy, confidentiality, equal opportunity and free from any form of discrimination, favouritism, nepotism or biases.
  • Regularly review employment, recruitment & marketing strategies to support staff retention and professional development strategies.
  • Observe all legal requirements which apply to the recruitment and selection process.
  • Ensure that all promotions & appointments are made in line with this policy.